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A high performance, midcentury modern custom home

This energy-efficient, midcentury modern home near Sacramento features lots of glass — which is inherently conductive. The exterior loads affect cooling and heating easier through glass than through an insulated wall assembly, making it especially important to construct the home with high performance systems to help hold its air conditioning and heating.

Some ways we ensured this home’s energy efficiency:

  • The use of insulation and air sealing (1.3 ACH for us energy nerds) — as well as modern energy performing glass, insulation and air sealing techniques — ensures that this house did not become a beautiful, modern, energy guzzler. 
  • During construction, we tested the effectiveness of the home’s air sealing with a blower door. Making sure this was a tight home means we were able to install a smaller HVAC system, helping to improve indoor comfort levels and keep costs down for the homeowner.

Van Gelder Construction’s expertise in building energy efficient homes ensures the house performs well during all conditions, and in all seasons.

This home was featured in Sactown Magazine. We were proud to see it featured in Dwell, too.

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